If what you truly want is the best for your children, do the right thing…for them. Even if it means compromising your own emotions, giving up the power to be right.  Do it.  Do whatever you have to do to have your children experience the love they have for mom and dad. They deserve it and you owe it to them. Allow them to have exactly what you have wanted all of your life...happiness.  
Lesley Moore

I advocate for children

We advocate for children - about their rights to have access to both parents. Going through a child custody process can be a challenging experience. As a Professional Family Supervisor, I offer an alternative to non-professional family or friend supervision, which can often be biased and emotionally taxing on the child.

I facilitate the most natural supervised visitation experience you can have with your child. You will hardly know that I am shadowing you, or keeping within earshot of your conversations while you are interacting with your child.

I am not your child's parent, so you will do the parenting - I will do the supervising. I will only intervene if you forget to follow one of the visitation policies, or if for any reason, I detect that your child is unsafe or uncomfortable during the visitation.

The first visitation almost always takes place in my office for the opportunity of it being a controlled setting. There are opportunities to be both indoors and outdoors in a lovely garden setting. My office is supplied with toys and games for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Visits can also take place in a variety of other settings both indoors and outdoors such as a park, book store, library . . . as long as it is approved by a court order if one is in place. 

Can  you allow your children to love both their parents equally?
It should be their choice . . . not yours.



Services Include

  • An objective report after each visit
  • Consultation with case professionals
  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Compliance with California
    • Uniform Family Code SS 3200 and Standard 5.20 Guidelines
  • Supervision available 7 days a week
  • Affordable hourly rates (two hour min.)
  • Off-site and on-site visitation options
  • Court testimony as needed


  • Supervised Visitation - $70-$100/hr
  • Intake Interview: $50 per parent **
  • Visitation with abuse allegations - $80/hr
  • Custody Exchange:  $50-$75
  • Travel Fee:  $1.75/mile; Fees vary for travel outside of CCC + during commute hours
  • Court Testimony:  $700 - $1,000

** Family Code §5.20 requires an intake interview be conducted before visitation can be started


  • Price included in hourly fee
  • Maintain written policy for child abduction and potential flight-risk cases



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